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Signs You Have Hidden Water Damage in Your Home

January 23, 2024

Water damage is a common occurrence. But contrary to popular belief, it’s rarely sudden. Most of the time, water damage is preceded by subtle signs indicating a deeper problem within.

In this blog, we have explored these hidden signs of water damage in detail to help you get a head start on water damage and save your property from danger before it’s too late.

Top 6 Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Your Home

1. Foul Smell

That unpleasant odor you smell in your basement or bathroom may not be just your nose playing tricks on you but a sign of water damage. It can be a result of mold growth due to unexpected leaks in your home.

The smell will grow stronger with each passing day as mold spores spread around the area. So, if you notice a strong, pungent smell in areas most susceptible to water damage, it can point toward a bigger issue.

2. Water Stains on Walls

While leaks are a common cause of water damage if it’s inside the drywall, the result can be unpleasant water stains on walls. These stains may make your drywall look as if it’s sagging and are a huge risk to your property’s structural integrity.

Another characteristic of these stains is that they are brown or tan colored and may increase in size with each passing day. If the stains on your wall match this description, address the issue quickly to prevent excess damage.

3. Jump in Utility Bills

The water bill stays fairly constant throughout the year except for a slight spike due to gardening and other activities during summer. So if your water bills are higher than usual lately, you should investigate the issue.

It can be a result of hidden water leaks or other similar issues causing the spike in the bills. To observe this, pay attention to your water bill and check it from end to end for unexpected costs and if the daily usage is more than the standard 300 gallons per day.

4. Warped Floors and ceilings

Water damage is the most likely culprit for warping and dents on hardwood. These imperfections arise when the wood comes into contact with moisture for a prolonged time.

Similarly, if there is water damage on the roof, there will be warping in the ceiling. This type of warping is highly dangerous as it threatens the structural integrity of your home. If you notice warping on either floor or ceiling, look into the matter and deal with the issue carefully.

5. Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is more than just an eyesore. It happens when moisture behind the walls prevents the paint from sticking to it. It means that the water has fully saturated the sheetrock and is pushing through the paint. Other than peeling, flaking, and bubbling of paint or wallpaper is a sign of water damage.

6. Visible Mold Growth

Where there is mold, there is 100% some type of water damage, as the fungus takes just 24-48 hours to grow after a leak or other water accident. So if there is mold growth in any part of your home, whether it’s ceiling, basement, or any other area, there is likely a water source responsible for it.

Therefore, when you notice greenish-white or black mold spores, call the experts at PNW Restoration Service immediately to handle the water damage and eliminate the mold spores. Our emergency response and thorough restoration will prevent any further damage to your property and protect it from mold and other harmful effects of water damage.

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