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Common Places In Your Home Where You May Find Water Damage

Most Common Places In Your Home Where You May Find Water Damage

January 9, 2024

Water damage is unpredictable and can happen anywhere in your house. Sometimes, it’s so subtle that you may not figure it out until it’s too late to salvage anything.

Here, we have listed the most common places in your home where you may find water damage. It will help you address the issue more quickly and prevent excess damage to your property.

Common Places In Your Home for Water Damage

⇒ Behind Shower Tiles

The area behind the shower tile is a prime spot for water damage, as there is an accumulation of excess moisture in that area. The drywall behind the shower tiles sucks up the water and expands, resulting in damaged tiles.

So, if you notice brown stains, warping, and cracks on shower tiles, check the area behind the shower tiles, as there can be water damage there.

⇒ Below Sink

Another common place for water damage in your home is below the sinks. The slow and steady drip from the sinks may look insignificant but can cause severe damage if left unchecked.

That’s why you should regularly check the area below the sink and inspect it for drips and signs of mold growth. If there is an issue with the plumbing, get it fixed ASAP.

⇒ Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common causes of water damage. When dirt and grime accumulate in excess, they block the drain and cause the backflow of water, resulting in water overflowing.

To prevent this, check the drains from time to time and get them cleaned by the experts. It will prevent the drains from clogging and reduce the risk of water damage.

⇒ Refrigerator and Dishwasher

Your kitchen is one place you don’t want water damage, but due to leaks and water below the fridge and dishwasher, it becomes a hotspot for water damage. It’s difficult to spot water damage below these appliances, so the water stays there and damages the subfloor.

You can prevent this by moving the fridge and dishwasher aside every 3-4 months and checking the state underneath them.

⇒ Washroom

Toilets are one of the most likely places for water damage. The issue is not due to leaks or faulty plumbing but due to unstable toilets. It happens when the wax ring connecting the toilet to the drain pipe gets damaged.

You may not notice any issues apart from slightly shaky toilets and a small water ring below the toilet. But in reality, the entire subfloor below the toilet is getting soaked.

⇒ Basement

Due to their location, basements suffer the most due to water damage. Whether the damage is due to leaks or natural calamities, it all pours down to the basement due to its low position.

Moreover, due to low light, there is a high risk of mold growth, which can cause mold allergies and other water-damage health issues if left untreated for too long.

⇒ HVAC Unit

Even your HVAC unit can be a source of water damage when the small line transferring water from the shallow pan to the floor drain gets clogged. Due to this, water backflows into the HVAC unit, resulting in water damage and harm to your AC.

The risk of water damage is higher in these places, but you can prevent excess damage to your property by acting quickly and inspecting these areas regularly for signs of water damage.

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