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Most Common Causes of Water Damage and How To Prevent It

Most Common Causes of Water Damage and How To Prevent It

November 6, 2023

Water damage is the worst nightmare a homeowner can have. From damaged belongings to adverse health effects, water damage can badly affect your peace of mind. But the good part is, it can be prevented with some precautionary measures.

Check out this blog to learn about some common causes of water damage and how to prevent them. These simple tips will help protect your family and belongings from the effects of water damage.

6 Causes of Water Damage and Helpful Tips to Prevent It

1. Damaged Plumbing

Damaged or burst plumbing is the most common cause of water damage in many homes. Pipes can burst due to rusting, excessive pressure, extreme temperatures, or old age. The high-pressure water from burst plumbing can rapidly spread in your property and start damaging it.

⇒ Prevention Tip:

To prevent water damage due to damaged plumbing the best way is to conduct regular inspections of your plumbing and fix the issues if found. Detailed inspection of your plumbing every 1-2 months will ensure efficient working without any risk of damage or leak.

2. Sewage Backups

Another reason behind water damage is sewage backup. When your sewer line gets blocked or damaged because of dirt, debris, tree root insertion, or any other issue, the water backs up in the home. This contaminated water can badly damage your property and negatively affect the health of your family members.

⇒ Prevention Tip:

You can prevent sewage backup by ensuring regular inspection and maintenance. You must get your sewer line checked and cleaned annually by a professional. It will ensure efficient working of the sewer line and reduce the risk of clogging and sewage damage.

3. Clogged Gutters

Gutters are installed to channel out the water from the roof to the downspouts. But unclean and clogged gutters can accumulate water, which seeps into the roof, sidings, and walls of your home, resulting in water damage. This internally damages the structure of your property and leads to expensive repairs.

⇒ Prevention Tip:

Make sure that your gutter remains clean and free from dirt and debris. Get the gutters inspected and cleaned every 3-6 months. Moreover, fix the damages if there are any. You can also invest in gutter guards that will prevent clogging and ensure efficient working.

4. Malfunctioning Appliances

Home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, and HVAC systems can also be common causes of water damage in your home. These appliances experience wear and tear due to daily use, which can lead to leaks in water pipes and can end up damaging your property and valuables.

⇒ Prevention Tip:

Ensuring periodic maintenance of your home appliances is the best way to prevent water damage. However, if you experience any leakage from your appliance, immediately turn off its electrical and water supply. Start cleaning the water and get the appliance repaired without any delay.

5. Blocked Drains

Drains in the kitchen and bathrooms go through a lot. It accumulates a massive amount of dirt, grime, and debris that can clog the drains and cause the water to overflow back into the sinks.

⇒ Prevention Tip:

Keeping the drains clean is the only way to prevent blocking and water damage. Moreover, make sure you do not let plastic wrappers, leftover food and vegetables, toilet paper, and other waste flow through the drain.

6. Natural Calamities

Natural calamities like floods, storms, heavy rains, and snowfall can lead to severe water damage to your property. The worst part is that these disasters happen unknowingly and end up damaging your valuables.

⇒ Prevention Tip:

Even though natural calamities are unavoidable and happen suddenly, there are several ways you can reduce their effect. Invest in water sensors that will alert you when there is a flood situation. Moreover, keep a sump pump handy to remove the water immediately after the disaster. Lastly, keep the gutters and drain system clean and maintained to avoid blockages.

Summing Up

Water damage can be a real headache, causing all sorts of problems in our homes. From soggy floors to ruined belongings, it’s a problem no one wants to deal with. To prevent water damage in your home, you need to take some precautionary measures mentioned in this blog.

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